Hello positive, wonderful, IAW Impact-maker.
I see you, you beautiful human. 

I'm stoked you're here. 

I'm excited for our 5 Day together where you will:
  • Learn how to have more energy
  • Learn how to lose weight (Everything I teach to give you more energy also helps you feel confident in your clothes...BONUS 👏👏)
  • Meet fellow successful, impactful entrepreneurs. This part is fun. I invite entrepreneurs who are great at what they do and have amazing hearts. This way, every challenge has benefits that go far beyond the physical. Lifelong entrepreneurial friendships and partnerships are forged. Resources are shared. The safe space allows for growth of all kinds. 

Who is Rhino Julie? Lol. I know, it seems funny that I go by Rhino. But it makes sense when you hear the story.

I own the Camp Rhino Gyms in Las Vegas, Nevada. I started them in 2004 with an outdoor obstacle course and fitness classes in the parks. 

I started the fitness business when I was 4 years into a print advertising business that resulted in me gaining 65 pounds. 

I don't really enjoy exercising until it's done and I LOVE FOOD. Gluttony was the one overlooked 'sin' in my family 😆.

I figured if I started a fitness business, I would have to lose weight.

A few years in to running the business, my rhinos (gym members) started calling me Rhino Julie, the Mother of Rhinos, and the name stuck. It's my license plate, my identity, and it's fun haha. 

After 20 years of entrepreneurship and 16 years of owning gyms, I've finally figured out how to lose my weight and keep it off, while maintaining my traveling - foodie - entrepreneur - lifestyle.

--> I used to think I had to choose my business or my health.
--> Every time I worked out I felt like I was taking time away from my business or family.
--> I thought was impossible to lose weight without giving up my favorite foods.

I've had lot's of help. I have a team of 21 health and fitness experts who work with me and I have literally made it my business to figure out how to represent my business (no one buys from an unhealthy gym owner.)

I became a business mentor in 2018 when our gym won the Two Brain Business Gym of the year award for metrics.

And quickly realized that business owners of all types need what I'm best at --> help getting the ENERGY and CLARITY that only comes from a clear mind and comfort in ones own skin.

But I couldn't put the information in a long course with a series of videos for you to watch.

I realized that as a busy entrepreneur...I just wanted someone to tell me what to do with MY life. With the food I LIKE. With the exercise I'M willing to do...someone who is like me and understands the demands of my life. And then I wanted to move on and never deal with my weight and preventable health issues again.

So I started taking 1:1 clients. Entrepreneurs who are just like me. Ones that I'm excited to talk to and help.

But I take only 5 clients at a time. (I still have my own brick and mortar businesses that I LOVE, so I only have room for 5 clients at a time)

So I needed to offer something that has a wider reach. Something that can make a greater impact. 

Enter the 5 Day 'Bring the Energy Challenge'

The challenge is free, but the "Ah-Ha!"s and the connections are priceless.

And, after each 5 Day challenge I host a group challenge for those who are really serious and ready to live their happiest, most energetic, confident life ever.

Once I help you design your amazing life and the group supports you as you live it for 6 weeks, you will see a dramatic change in how you look and feel. Which is guaranteed to have a ripple effect on your business, relationships and impact.

My BIG goals:

  • ​To help professionals and entrepreneurs never, ever again have the fog in their brain that keeps them from making the best decisions in their business.
  • ​To help professionals and entrepreneurs get the energy back to become a fully optimized entrepreneur who can rock any stage and see every opportunity clearly.
  • ​To help professionals and entrepreneurs look forward to upcoming events and never, ever again deal with the pesky extra pounds that keep them from rocking their favorite outfits and proudly posting ALL the photos and videos from said events.
The impact heart-centered entrepreneurs can have on the World is so huge. And I plan on making sure you are optimized to make the biggest impact possible.

This is my resource page where I share my favorite things!

The Coffee Alternative That Has Changed My Life

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